Together, we can receive a better return on marketing investments.

The co-marketing program is designed for Salesforce's top partners, as an additional resource to support external marketing campaigns and/or sales initiatives.

Co-marketing programs generate demand, benefit both parties, and offer a greater return on marketing investment than what each company could achieve independently. Offered as a top benefit, co-marketing supports our partners and their overall marketing and business plans for the year with Salesforce.


Requests and Submissions

Approvals and Activities

Post Program Steps


  • Must be a top performing partner in the Salesforce Consulting Partner program for initial approval.
  • Must at least match the dollar amount that they are requesting from co-marketing.
  • Must have an achievable Salesforce goal of 4x ROI of requested dollar amount.
  • Partner is responsible for execution of marketing activities. If they would like additional Salesforce resources, there may be additional costs associated and should reach out to their Partner Account Manager.
  • Partner is responsible for tracking objectives and submitting documentation for reimbursement purposes.
  • All invoices must reach Salesforce prior to the end of the quarter in which co-marketing programs occurred in.
  • Upon approval, the partner must invoice Salesforce that quarter, the SAME quarter as the marketing activity or event.
  • A submission request does not mean that your company will receive co-marketing.
  • Partners are paid once leads have been submitted to the Partner Marketing Manager.
  • Cannot be used on any events or marketing activities outside of the quarter you're requesting funds for.
  • Cannot be used on travel or expenses from travel, including items like: employee F&B, ground transportation, hotel costs, etc.
  • Cannot be used to promote non Salesforce products. However, it can be used to promote the additional resources you bring as a partner to help drive Salesforce sales.
  • Cannot be used for events, dinner, or other activities not associated with the approved co-marketing request form.
  • Cannot be used for demo equipment, enablement training, employee/sales spiffs, gifts, T&E expenses or anything unrelated to driving leads.
  • Cannot be used towards promoting partner Salesforce services work.
  • Cannot be used towards events or conferences where Salesforce is a direct sponsor or for any Salesforce event sponsorships (i.e. Dreamforce, Connections, World Tours, etc.)


All leads and opportunities generated from your co-marketing program need to be submitted or claimed through Partner Community.

* Remember to utilize your unique campaign code in the Details section to associate your lead with your marketing activitiy. To get your campaign code, contact you Partner Marketing Manager.

Watch the video on how to submit leads:

To log into Partner Community, visit


Below are a list of resources for partners to utilize when preparing their marketing activity.

Co-Marketing Product Examples

3rd Party Demand Generation Campaign

Program: Work with a 3rd party company to help with your demand generation process on a very targeted segmented campaign. Salesforce helped to scrub the list of all Salesforce prospects and current customers for the partner.

Money: Approved funds were spent on building email templates, a microsite, list purchasing fees and telemarketing services.


  • A return in Salesforce Sales 6x the asking dollar amount
  • Target approximately 390 accounts, 2 contacts per accounts (780 contacts) 
  • Average 4 touches per contact (3120 touches)
  • Target 4% conversion to meetings (31 meetings)
  • Appointment to opportunity of 33% (10 opportunities)
  • Close 33% of opportunities directly (3 closes), yielding in 6x the return

Partner Led Seminar

Program: Increase brand awareness and sales with two half-day seminars in different cities with breakfast provided for attendees. Salesforce helped promote the event to staff internally as well as provided a case study for them to use for the events.

Money: Funds requested were used for project management, materials, production, catering, telemarketing and offline advertising.


  • A return in Salesforce Sales 4x the asking dollar amount
  • Increased awareness in a new market and closing a new direct Salesforce deal from each event, yielding in 2 deals with 4x the return

Digital or Print Campaign

Program: Run a creative campaign that utilized digital and/or printed assets. Combine them with a telemarketing program or a call blitz with your sales team.

Money: Dollars are used to fund creative and production of items such as, direct mailers, microsite lead generation forms or referral program materials.


  • Direct Mailer Metrics - # of collateral pieces created and distributed, cost per unit, # of responses, # of direct follow ups, # of response/leads generated, # of opportunities and #of closed deals
  • Microsite Metrics - cost of creation and cost of any documents housed on microsite for download or purchase (i.e. books, white papers, research studies), # of leads or document downloads, # of direct follow ups, # of opportunities and #of closed deals

VIP or Executive Event

Program: Use funding for a special VIP event to help drive current pipeline to close or support an upsell opportunity.

Money: The funds would be used for invites, to secure location and catering, book speakers and entertainment and to send a follow up delivery piece as a thank you.


  • Measuring # of attendees and registrants, cost per attendee, # of closed new deals or upsells



Have a question? Want to walk through a possible co-marketing program request? Curious if you qualify for co-marketing? Wondering the status of your co-marketing request? Contact Partner Marketing to get all your co-marketing questions answered.